All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I need my own computer!!! I want one N.O.W.

Oh, it's been quite a while since I've been here.. I've got writer's cramp or something ..ha.. no, truthfully.. I have alot of things to say..but by the time I can have a chance on the computer (after peeling Chris off the monitor).. I practically forget everything I wanted to talk about! But alas.. he is being entertained by the tv now, so I stopped cleaning when I seen him make the switch.. and jumped on here to write!
My mom is coming tomorrow to get Madison and Morgan for several days.. I'm doing loads of laundry to get them packed and ready to go.. and then the day they get home we are supposed to go on vacation.. I am getting soooooo frustrated over this vacation!!! We have already paid for the condo.. now we are looking at finances.. cringing .. and deciding if we should.. It's crazy that the gas to get there is double the price of the housing!! real highway robbery!! I think it would stink to not go.. but we are still up in the air about it .. it's driving me nuts! So, told mom..just come and get them.. then we'll have a couple days to figure out what the hell we are doing.. we'll let you know when we can get the girls :) Morgan told me tonight that she is going to be homesick.. ha yeah.. she has inherited the "gas-ass" gene..girls never don't wanna hear it.. she just got back a couple days ago from her dad's.. and now she's going to gramas and then leaving for vacation the day she comes back.. then going back to her dad's the day after we get back from that... busy bee :) Sydney gave Madison her pajamas tonight to pack.. said she could wear them while she went to gramas and told her to pet the kitties for her.. poor kid just got a huge scratch across her face from our kitty.. She comes down the steps..blood covered the whole side of her face.. I about passed out..cannot stomach things like that anymore!! I hate blood.. hate pain... uhhhhhhhhhhh yuck Enough of that! I still need to find a home for 2 kitties.. (so if anyone out there would love to have an adorable furry kittycat just let me know!!!!!..I'll hook you up :)