All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Monday, June 12, 2006

#@@HOLE Monday!!!!!!!!

Well, today was the first day in over 2 weeks that I took my kids to daycare, as their poison ivy has finally cleared (although you can still see where it was)... so, I'm all excited to get back on a routine... have the kids participate in some structured activities with their pals... I open the door to the twins room.. #@@HOLE #@@HOLE #@@HOLE.... oh my! ... A little boy flailing all over SCREAMING at the top of his lungs! #@@HOLE !!!!!! Well, Goodmorning to you too buddy!!! My kids eyes are wide open.. Christo has a little grin on his face with a sparkle in his eye (he's found his new best friend..HA)... but he's so excited.. he looks at me and says "He said.."... I stopped him... Don't you DARE!!! The little boy continued.. hitting things..yelling...the teachers finally got a little control over things, but I cannot imagine being in their position that day!! .. I cannot imagine being in charge of the class on a normal day (which kills me, as I was going to school to be a teacher..ha.. having 4 of my own changed my mind pretty darned quick!).. Not that I don't love kids.. I Do.. but there are times when I cannot keep any order.. with 4... Imagine being a teacher in a class with 15.. 5year olds with one punching you and calling you an #@@HOLE!!!!! They are lucky the others didn't start doing the same!
I was so worried the rest of the day.. how my kids would react when I picked them up.. would they have a new favorite word??? but nothing.. they did not say anything.. AT ALL!!! Perhaps they are saving it for when we are somewhere "special"... yeah.. I can see it now.. Christo & Syd... partners in crime...
As you see, this mornings events were a very interesting start to the week ahead.. always look forward to Mondays such as these.. AT least everything else ran smooth :) Morgan is off with Brittany & Niquell.. tonight they are camping.. leaving in the morning to go to the Amusement Park... then camping tomorrow night.. then she'll be back.. I'm sure she'll have a blast! I want to go.. can I come with you PLEASE!!!!! I cannot believe how expensive it is just to get into those places! I know they have insurance costs.. blah blah.. but they should feed you for the day at those prices! Its highway robbery!!! Yeah.. our family of 6 will just have to save up for like.. 2 years just to go!! (well, mabey not that long :)..hey, at least the kids will be old enough to ride the damned rides!
One more tidbit... massage... now, I'm starting to become impatient with my husband.. I've only mentioned it.. 2 times nicely.. 1 time..a little sarcastically mean.. but he took a massage class in India.. when I would talk to him he would get my hopes up.. "wait till I get home"... SO, of course, I got my hopes up that WHEN HE GOT HOME (and adjusted to the time switch..which he has done).. I WOULD GET A MASSAGE!! Now, the class he took.. he had to give someone a massage while the "teacher" corrected him.. NOW, she got a damned massage without even having to ASK him.. and I waited almost 2 weeks before I nicely asked "How bout that massage?".. uh what?.. m.a.s.s.a.g.e "tomorrow.." I politely go to bed.. anticipating tomorrow.. and that was several days ago.. I asked.. again.. "tomorrow".. I'm getting mad... I waited.. I made a sign.. little cute thing.. little hint..
Your Hands + My Bod = :) He still didn't.. Why do I have to be so wrapped up on this massage thing he asks..I told him to just forget it and to give me $50.. I'd make someone else rich.. and not have to bother him about it AGAIN!!!!!!! I'm steaming mad.. Why the hell would you take a massage class.. tell your wife that she's getting a massage.. and then say "shouldn't I give you a massage when I WANT TO DO IT????? Am I way off base here?? He thinks I'm off my tree being upset... I'm so very I was so looking forward to it.. knowing that when He got home I was going to have a massaging husband sorta calmed me down a bit.. (from him leaving).. but now.. NOW I"M JUST MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger the mad momma said…

    yes, well, that is what husbands do. they piss you off. they exist to piss u off. their raison d'etre is to see a wife pissed. and if you are keen on the massage, take that much planned trip to india. and come to delhi... bombay is dirty and crowded and always reinforces the filthy picture outsiders have of india. Delhi is beautiful, green, organised and cool.. come during winter. dont be apprehensive! we all live here with our babies and blog on our computers and trust me... its not all that different!

  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger gray_brandi said…

    :) isn't that the truth!!! I'll make sure I get a massage everyday when we come!!! ahh.. make that 2 @ day :)

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