All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final Countdown.. 3..2...1

Well, Chris is coming home tomorrow :) bout' time!!!!!! I'll be very happy to see him (and yes, I'd still like to kick your $%^!#)... He's already started his flight.. so have to get up early and get him.. YEAH!!!
Today was very hectic & I think I spent my life fortune on gas running around!!! I'm so disturbed at the gas prices! Breaking the bank! I went to work so early that when I stopped for coffee, I poured the creamer in the trash can (the little hole in the counter).. INSTEAD of my cup :) I'm dangerous if I dont get enough sleep & useless without my coffee!!
Anyhow I only got 1/3 of my job done.. then had to leave and get Morgan to the Ortho.. time to get the braces!! It didn't take very long which surprised me, as I thought I'd be there for hours.. but alas, only 1 :) She's in a little pain, but went to show her friends..she also went to bed early as her mouth is in pain.. poor baby!
Unfortunately I had to go back and finish my work :( boohhooooo.. but I took tomorrow off so I can have the day to retrieve my husband..
The kids poison ivy is getting very bad.. I'm debating taking them to the hospital..or waiting till the doc opens tomorrow???? Sydney is getting it in her eye.. yuck.. They told the neighbor kid, Lena, that they didn't have to goto school today because of their poison ivy.. Later the kids also told me that Lena asked them to take her to the poison ivy.. so she tromped through it (along with mine) in hopes to stay home too.. I'd rather goto school!!!
Madison has had a loose tooth for about a week.. today we spotted the "big" tooth coming in.. she asked me to take out her loose she wants the tooth fairy to visit, but I told her Mom does not take out teeth!!! She's upset because she'll probably miss school tomorrow & they were going to eat lunch with the first graders.. Does it ever stop being soooooooooo hard??????????hectic????????


  • At 2:16 PM, Blogger Janet Evening said…

    You are right in the thick of it. As a former Catholic Neighbourhood Mom I know you will live... Glad I am old!

  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger gray_brandi said…

    Thanks for the encouragement.. and for making my future birthdays more bearable HA!!!!


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