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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yummy Cookouts :)

Super Christo
Today is Sunday.. I finally got a phone call from Chris... (bout time buddy :) ha He is in Dehli.. getting everything ready to come home.. (Wed)
Last night we walked to Amy's (neighbor).. and we sat out (thanks to the good weather!).. while the kids played.. it was a nice time.. today she walked down and invited us to cook out.. so we just got back a little while ago.. she has 3 little ones (2 girls & a boy).. all the kids enjoyed playing. I was going to church for a while where Amy goes.. then I was invited to go with a another friend// I haven't gone to church for a while.. and would like to start going again.. I need to get back into the swing of things! We were talking about how if you allow yourself, you'll always find some excuse that "pardons" you from going.. (ex).. it's my only day off.. its impossible to get everyone there on time.. but I need to make it a priority for myself and my kids.. I miss it.. although I still pray & read my bible, I miss the message & miss my kids learning about Jesus.. So, I need to make that #1 priority !
I found a home for 2 more of my kittens.. Little Panda & Cleo will at least be together.. the lady & her kids came today to pick them up.. the twins act so crazy when "new" people come here.. more so than normal :) Christopher started fighting the little boy with his light saber.. by the time they left.. they were in an all out duel! (poor Christo needs some boys to play with!.. as my tree is taking a severe beating!!!) & Syd.. she keeps hanging on the lady asking her if she'll bring the kitty's back to visit..
The kids are covered in poison ivy.. does anyone know a good way to kill it is along my fence.. they got it soo bad last year & that area was forbiden.. but of course, they went in the other now its started to spread all over them again.. yuck! Morgan & her friends went to the pool today.. they got burnt.. brats! Now she'll be tanner than her Mother! I always loved the 1st day of swimming! We washed the car today.. real fun as the hose is broke.. but we just used buckets & buckets of water.. the girls just finished washing their bikes.. almost time for B.E.D. WHHOOOHOOOOO!!!! Mom needs a break!!!!!
Planning on going to a cookout tomorrow.. I absolutely love them! Yummy Yummy Food!


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