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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wild & Crazy Wed...hahhaaahaa

Granny & Her boyfriend :)

When I seen this pic it reminded me of my grammy & her new boyfriend, Gene...(with the exception that she has pink hair :) Those two are the "party animals"... Funnier than hell.. Love you gramma..
Aside from taking Sydney to the doc today for her checkup.. not much going on.. I mowed the yard which was beginning to look like a hay field.. I ran over a damned tree root and broke my mower, so have to borrow Eric's.. until I get mine fixed.. so my yard was getting a little wild! I found a dandelion that was almost as tall as Sydney.. World record!! Ha The neighbors have probably been cussing me out! Sorry
Madison went to soccer practice today with Ryan.. and she got her pictures.. I'll have to post one, if this webcam can get a good shot of it.. Me/twins went down to Jenny's ..and the kids got to play w/ Jalen & Jaren)
Morgan toured the high school today.. all she talked about was the boys
( :( boo hooo hoooo .. and the nachos/slush for lunch.. To much education for one day I guess ;) I guess thats what you talk about in 8th grade though.. so.. boo hoo
I ran to the gas station tonight to get some pop & smokes.. I ran into Andy, Chris' cousin.. we talked for a little while.. he said that mabey him & his mom can stop over tomorrow.. it will be nice to see them.. I hope they can come over! I need to stop in and see them more often.. just always fear that the kids will be to .. umm WILD!!!!!! Andy said he usually goes fishing on Sunday & the kids have been asking to go.. I wish we had some fishing poles, as it would be alot of fun!! I imagine they'll be interested as long as the fish are biting :)
Gives me a flashback to when my family went on fishing trip w/ Granny & Grampa.. to Michigan.. my bro, Michael & I are fishing in the boat.. he casts.. and rips the damned hook right into my shoulder! I almost pushed him in!.. oh, Michigan was so fun.. Granny is afraid of water, but Grampa talked her into going out for a ride w/ us.. we are speeding across the water.. (gramp had a ranger boat with 150 motor.. all glittery.. so pretty).. anyhow, the oar comes flying up and smacks Gram right in the head.. I don't think she got in that boat ever again!!!


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