All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Padawan

OMG !!!!!!!! Look at what I came home to.. Chris thought he would give Christo a Padawan Braid.. (like little Anakin from Star Wars).. so now my son is completely bald with a square patch of hair on the back of his damned head!!!!!!! The whole reason for the hair cut was because he got a wad of gum stuck on the Chris was gonna shave it all off.. so now.. he has this square... Chris wants to let it grow.. so he can braid it... OMG again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!! He also wants to change his name for petes sake to Christopher Anakin.. and as I type this.. he has dressed him complete in an Anakin outfit.. and they are in our front yard fighting with light sabers!!!!!!!
He wanted to name the twins Luke & Leah.. but I forbid it.. I guess this is my payback for not cooperating :) (YEAH, like it'd be any different!)
I told Christo that I was going to shave it off.. he whined NO WAY!!! but I'm contemplating wadding up a piece of gum :) .. I cannot imagine what they will think at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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