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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Daddy's Day :)

I have yet to reach my father .. he's a hard one to get a hold of!!! I called his girlfriends.. not there.. called my grama.. she said back at noon and if I don't answer the phone then he's not here :) (she's all concerned with me calling long distance).. So, Dad.. if you ever read this.. know that I really wanted to tell you HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and that I love you very very much :)
We are letting Chris sleep in.. the twins made him such cute pics at school.. look at the little fish.. their school sends them home with really great gifts! Framed pics that they make.. how awesome! Friday morning when I dropped them off I got to have donuts and coffee as it was Dad's Breakfast.. So that was a treat :)
Happy Dad's day to you Eric.. he had to goto the hospital last night.. kidney stone or something :( gonna call in a little while..
Last night was awesome.. I got home from work.. and ate dinner.. the phone rang.. it was my best friend..Goofie Roofie.... her/Greg were right by my house and wanted to stop over.. how cool!!! We had a great visit & I was very happy to see them! They wanted to adopt our kitten (Champ).. but they forgot him when they left.. sly huh.. My mom called yesterday and wants to take Madison home for a WEEK .. a WEEK.. then when she gets home she wants to take Christo for a WEEK!!!!WHOOOHOOOO.. She's visiting Gramp today and will only be an hour away.. so at some point today I have to meet up with my mamma.. :)


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