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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kindergarden.. here they come :)

Morgan & Cali

I just got off the phone with Chris.. I was getting ready for work and hear his voice.. wth?? The phone didn't ring, but he was on answering machine.. I scramble to find the phone as he was getting ready to hang up I click on.. caught him just in time!! My ringer was off!! He sounded good.. said he's waiting for bus to goto Mumbai.. then going to Dehli and coming home.. 31st..
Well, I took Christopher to the doc yesterday.. the daycare thought he had strep because he had a rash on his face.. When the doc heard that.. she said "no, thats not a sign of strep"... he has allergies, as he also has "shiners".. his face is dry and he is always licking his lips.. so she told me he has (this name is soo funny) ..
Lip Licking Dermatitis.. so I get to tell the preschool today :) They gave him zyrtec, which makes you drowsy.. I told him he would have to take it before he goes to bed, as it makes you sleepy... so last night when I'm getting it ready he asks me "mom, why do you want to make me tired"... (Oh son, if you only knew..hehe)..I told him I want to make you better.. & the medicine only works when your sleeping :)
So, I found a home for 1 kitten.. I was sooo sad when he left .. Little Sunshine.. beautiful yellow tiger long hair.. gorgeous blue eyes.. I have been debating on which one I want (sorry Chris).. oopsie.. anyhow.. I chose Little Champ.. who is a tan tiger long hair.. he is absolutely gorgeous.. huge...Sydney was so sad thats the one she chose.. she told me Champ and Sunshine were twins like her and Christopher and that I had to keep both of them.. she totally gave me the guilt trip..making it even harder! Now, I only have 4 more to find homes for.. a lady emailed me last night about keeping fingers crossed!! The kids & I named them all.. Sunshine, Champ, Cali, Cleo-patra, Gangsta, & Panda..
Today, I have to take Sydney to the doc.. kindergarden checkup.. I cannot imagine they are going to school!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! I haven't been this excited for ..well.... like years!!!!!!!! WWWOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO :) (Sorry, I'm just really looking forward to it!!!)Right now if they were in school, I'd be home for like 1 hour by myself.. no children.. I could take a bath before I went to work and not be interupted 199 times!!!! Imagine all the possibilities :) A quiet breakfast.. coffee w/ Chris.. just FREE for an hour!! EVERYDAY... Ok.. I'm done.. Finally, they can go somewhere for free! WIPPEEE


  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger jennster said…

    LOL @ mom why do you want to make me sleepy.. oh man, i can't count the times on one hand that i wanted to make blake sleepy when he was little! :)

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger gray_brandi said…

    ..I'm thinking.. ok.. can your sisters have allergies :) hhhhaaa


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