All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Monday, May 22, 2006

~~AWWWW ~~

My bro, Michael & Kate

I got an email from my brother's wife, Kate.. & she sent me some wedding pics.. I wish I could have made it to my bro's wedding!!! I miss him!! Congrats to both of you!!

This weekend was pretty laid back and lazy.. just stayed around here and did some yard work!! The kids played with some neighbor kids.. Madison went to Haley's birthday party Saturday.. she had alot of fun.. they had SO many kids, they made us sign in when we got there.. (phone #, address.. etc)..I've never seen that before, but guess its probably a good plan. I need to get on the ball about birthday parties!
Morgan has been working on a project about the Holocaust for several weeks now.. she turned it in and told me this weekend that she got an A+ ... WHOOOHOOO Morgan!!! I'm proud of you kiddo!
This morning it was hard to get moving.. Christopher had a bloody nose.. throw him in the tub and clean up.. didn't get to work until almost 11 ~ thank goodness my work expects me to always be late!! (and they accept my wonderful quality!!).. ha Today when I got in from my route, there was a message to call the daycare.. GREAT! So, I call.. Christopher has a rash around his face.. they say its the sign of strep.. which is going around.. lovely.. So made him a doctor appointment.. Enough already!!
A little over a week till Chris gets home.. I haven't got to talk to him for a while.. or at least it seems like it.. he did email and posted on his blog.. I like hearing his voice though!
Well, have got to help Maddy w/ homework and get supper started before the kids start eating the furniture :)


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