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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sickness GO Away!!! Shoo!! Sike!! No Wait..

OK enough is enough!! I send the girls to school this morning.. get the twins ready for preschool... write Chris an email.. as I missed talking to him last night :( Go to work.. Finally I can get out of this house and get a little break from the kids :) WRONG!!!!!! Madison's school calls to come pick her up.. stomach hurts.. damn.. She seemed perfectly fine this morning.. Leave work..have to request a day of sick leave.. cover my route, etc..go get her... In the car she says.. "Mom, before we get the twins can we get Taco Bell, I'm starving".. So my "sick" kid ended up just being my "hungry" kid... (thank goodness)...
The rain is relentless and the kids are going crazy from being cooped up.. They are "born".. their term for bored.. HA Madison just asked if she could go to Chloe's house to play.. I told her just came home "sick".. She says, I tricked so you could get off work.. then when she seen my face.. she said "I'm just teasing you mom, my belly really did hurt"... AHHH
I have to get Morgan to her choir concert tonight.. My energy level is running low..... I think I can I think I can...Ok Better now :)
UPDATE On Sickness: Well, Madison ate & actually is complaining yet again about her stomach.. so guess it was legit and she's off the hook :) Anyhow, tomorrow WILL be better!!!!!!!!!! I demand it!!!!!!!!! :) ha


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