All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Morgan :)

I know.. I'm a couple days late at posting this birthday shout out.. you'll always know me being a day late and a dollar short for everything! Not intentionally.. never.. I try very hard.. (yes, I told my kid happy birthday on her real birthday..jeeze!!) but she has been at her dads house, so we have still not got to celebrate and I'm feeling sad :( I cannot imagine that my baby is 14 ....where did all the time go? I find myself praying the other kids birthdays will come faster.. just grow up for pete's sake, but with her.. oh how I wish she was still a little one.. I'm not ready for her to grow up.. AT ALL.. Starting high school.. soon will be driving.. that is enough to make me start drinking (more frequently..ha)... no, but it makes me sad... and happy.. and scared.. yeah.. scared.. afraid.. I do not look forward to dates, driving.. all the stuff.. I want her to be little (sorry Morgan.. I am not trying to embarrass you..or trying to be "gay"... I'm much to cool for my daughter...haaaaaaaaaahaaaahhaaaaa Oh wait, I think its the other way around :) I love you babygirl.. Happy Birthday :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beautiful Branson !!!

We've been back now for a couple days.. Branson was beautiful, although the mountain's made me weak at the stomach :( I drove the last 5 hours..all through the hills. I do not like heights!!!!! Loved looking..hated driving! Anyhow, we got off to a late start as our car was not finished getting looked at, so we arrived to the family reunion a day late. The kids did great on the ride there.. getting out to stretch at every rest stop available :) Our condo was gorgeous (thanks Vicki/Rod) and the we enjoyed the pool (and I enjoyed my margaritas :) YEAH!!! and got a kick ass tan!! Chris was sick the entire trip.. so he hung out at the condo.. we did go and see a show on his birthday; Pierced Arrow.. I cannot remember the comedians name, but he was hilarious! The group sang contemporary christian/country music and it was great. Morgan went with Aunt Cindy & Fred to a show and enjoyed it very much. I will have to ask the name of all I know is he plays the violin & has comedy & Japanese.. Christo and Chris went and seen Superman at the Imax.. he was all syked when the returned. I got a little bottle of Midori and he thought I was awesome since I had Kryptonite (yes, your mother can take down Superman so don't mess with me boy!!)..ha Madison lost her first tooth and she hit everyone up for cash! The tooth fairy found her all the way in Branson := Sydney caught a lizard and kept it for about an hour.. she named him Princess.. she also found herself a great big farm in Indiana that she decided she was moving to when she gets big!
I have pics, but need to get the cable from Jenny so will post soon.. it is very pretty there.. I got some tone back in my legs walking up and down the hills at the camp site.. The family reunion was fun (my first one).. the campsite was close to the condos and everyone met out and b.s.'ing.. that time went by really quick, only 2 days!! The most fun was karaokee by the camp fire.. lasting memories for Morgan who declined singing and looked at the adults in a whole new light!! @@ (hopefully it will turn her away from booze!!!HAHAAAAA)
It was nice to see/meet everyone and hope their trips home were safe and fun. Thank you Jenny & Eric for all the help & thanks to everyone for a great time!! On the way home we stopped in St Louis and seen the Arc.. it was impressive. The kids wanted to go up inside of it, but there is NO WAY you'd ever catch me up there! I'll sit this one out thank you!! We also drove around trying to find Seneca Caverns.. it took a while, but we finally ended up there (thanks to the friendly police officer who gave us directions).. the cave was awesome.. the kids enjoyed it very much.. Sydney is not much into heights herself and kept saying she was going to die everytime we went down the rock steps... I think the tour lady wanted to muzzle her :) Christopher was the explorer and would have climbed through the whole thing.. Madison and Morgan paired up.. they were more impressed with the gift store that was covered in Indian wares and jewlery..crystals.. CANDY.... :)
Getting back into the swing of things has been hard! I didn't get to work today until 11:30 as I slept through the alarm and didn't get up till 10:30!! (thank goodness they need me at work..hahahaaaaaa I refuse to admit that I am only a number damn it!).. I feel jetlagged..hung over or something! It was nice to get away... now its back to the grind..