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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Morgan :)

I know.. I'm a couple days late at posting this birthday shout out.. you'll always know me being a day late and a dollar short for everything! Not intentionally.. never.. I try very hard.. (yes, I told my kid happy birthday on her real birthday..jeeze!!) but she has been at her dads house, so we have still not got to celebrate and I'm feeling sad :( I cannot imagine that my baby is 14 ....where did all the time go? I find myself praying the other kids birthdays will come faster.. just grow up for pete's sake, but with her.. oh how I wish she was still a little one.. I'm not ready for her to grow up.. AT ALL.. Starting high school.. soon will be driving.. that is enough to make me start drinking (more frequently..ha)... no, but it makes me sad... and happy.. and scared.. yeah.. scared.. afraid.. I do not look forward to dates, driving.. all the stuff.. I want her to be little (sorry Morgan.. I am not trying to embarrass you..or trying to be "gay"... I'm much to cool for my daughter...haaaaaaaaaahaaaahhaaaaa Oh wait, I think its the other way around :) I love you babygirl.. Happy Birthday :)


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