All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Friday, June 30, 2006

Going Going.. almost gone....'s the day.. we are leaving tonight to pick up the girls and head out for the family reunion.... getting ready to go was almost as nerve wracking as preparing for a wedding! (well, mabey not..but has felt like it).. I like how our minds look back on things that we thought would drive us over the edge & now they seem like a drop in the bucket...great survival mechanism :)
I probably will not be able to post for the week :( boohoo unless I'm off by Myself at the library or something! ...HAHAHAHAAAAA... So I'll try keeping a journal while we are there and fill everyone in on the fun times in Branson :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I need my own computer!!! I want one N.O.W.

Oh, it's been quite a while since I've been here.. I've got writer's cramp or something ..ha.. no, truthfully.. I have alot of things to say..but by the time I can have a chance on the computer (after peeling Chris off the monitor).. I practically forget everything I wanted to talk about! But alas.. he is being entertained by the tv now, so I stopped cleaning when I seen him make the switch.. and jumped on here to write!
My mom is coming tomorrow to get Madison and Morgan for several days.. I'm doing loads of laundry to get them packed and ready to go.. and then the day they get home we are supposed to go on vacation.. I am getting soooooo frustrated over this vacation!!! We have already paid for the condo.. now we are looking at finances.. cringing .. and deciding if we should.. It's crazy that the gas to get there is double the price of the housing!! real highway robbery!! I think it would stink to not go.. but we are still up in the air about it .. it's driving me nuts! So, told mom..just come and get them.. then we'll have a couple days to figure out what the hell we are doing.. we'll let you know when we can get the girls :) Morgan told me tonight that she is going to be homesick.. ha yeah.. she has inherited the "gas-ass" gene..girls never don't wanna hear it.. she just got back a couple days ago from her dad's.. and now she's going to gramas and then leaving for vacation the day she comes back.. then going back to her dad's the day after we get back from that... busy bee :) Sydney gave Madison her pajamas tonight to pack.. said she could wear them while she went to gramas and told her to pet the kitties for her.. poor kid just got a huge scratch across her face from our kitty.. She comes down the steps..blood covered the whole side of her face.. I about passed out..cannot stomach things like that anymore!! I hate blood.. hate pain... uhhhhhhhhhhh yuck Enough of that! I still need to find a home for 2 kitties.. (so if anyone out there would love to have an adorable furry kittycat just let me know!!!!!..I'll hook you up :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Daddy's Day :)

I have yet to reach my father .. he's a hard one to get a hold of!!! I called his girlfriends.. not there.. called my grama.. she said back at noon and if I don't answer the phone then he's not here :) (she's all concerned with me calling long distance).. So, Dad.. if you ever read this.. know that I really wanted to tell you HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and that I love you very very much :)
We are letting Chris sleep in.. the twins made him such cute pics at school.. look at the little fish.. their school sends them home with really great gifts! Framed pics that they make.. how awesome! Friday morning when I dropped them off I got to have donuts and coffee as it was Dad's Breakfast.. So that was a treat :)
Happy Dad's day to you Eric.. he had to goto the hospital last night.. kidney stone or something :( gonna call in a little while..
Last night was awesome.. I got home from work.. and ate dinner.. the phone rang.. it was my best friend..Goofie Roofie.... her/Greg were right by my house and wanted to stop over.. how cool!!! We had a great visit & I was very happy to see them! They wanted to adopt our kitten (Champ).. but they forgot him when they left.. sly huh.. My mom called yesterday and wants to take Madison home for a WEEK .. a WEEK.. then when she gets home she wants to take Christo for a WEEK!!!!WHOOOHOOOO.. She's visiting Gramp today and will only be an hour away.. so at some point today I have to meet up with my mamma.. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

#@@HOLE Monday!!!!!!!!

Well, today was the first day in over 2 weeks that I took my kids to daycare, as their poison ivy has finally cleared (although you can still see where it was)... so, I'm all excited to get back on a routine... have the kids participate in some structured activities with their pals... I open the door to the twins room.. #@@HOLE #@@HOLE #@@HOLE.... oh my! ... A little boy flailing all over SCREAMING at the top of his lungs! #@@HOLE !!!!!! Well, Goodmorning to you too buddy!!! My kids eyes are wide open.. Christo has a little grin on his face with a sparkle in his eye (he's found his new best friend..HA)... but he's so excited.. he looks at me and says "He said.."... I stopped him... Don't you DARE!!! The little boy continued.. hitting things..yelling...the teachers finally got a little control over things, but I cannot imagine being in their position that day!! .. I cannot imagine being in charge of the class on a normal day (which kills me, as I was going to school to be a teacher..ha.. having 4 of my own changed my mind pretty darned quick!).. Not that I don't love kids.. I Do.. but there are times when I cannot keep any order.. with 4... Imagine being a teacher in a class with 15.. 5year olds with one punching you and calling you an #@@HOLE!!!!! They are lucky the others didn't start doing the same!
I was so worried the rest of the day.. how my kids would react when I picked them up.. would they have a new favorite word??? but nothing.. they did not say anything.. AT ALL!!! Perhaps they are saving it for when we are somewhere "special"... yeah.. I can see it now.. Christo & Syd... partners in crime...
As you see, this mornings events were a very interesting start to the week ahead.. always look forward to Mondays such as these.. AT least everything else ran smooth :) Morgan is off with Brittany & Niquell.. tonight they are camping.. leaving in the morning to go to the Amusement Park... then camping tomorrow night.. then she'll be back.. I'm sure she'll have a blast! I want to go.. can I come with you PLEASE!!!!! I cannot believe how expensive it is just to get into those places! I know they have insurance costs.. blah blah.. but they should feed you for the day at those prices! Its highway robbery!!! Yeah.. our family of 6 will just have to save up for like.. 2 years just to go!! (well, mabey not that long :)..hey, at least the kids will be old enough to ride the damned rides!
One more tidbit... massage... now, I'm starting to become impatient with my husband.. I've only mentioned it.. 2 times nicely.. 1 time..a little sarcastically mean.. but he took a massage class in India.. when I would talk to him he would get my hopes up.. "wait till I get home"... SO, of course, I got my hopes up that WHEN HE GOT HOME (and adjusted to the time switch..which he has done).. I WOULD GET A MASSAGE!! Now, the class he took.. he had to give someone a massage while the "teacher" corrected him.. NOW, she got a damned massage without even having to ASK him.. and I waited almost 2 weeks before I nicely asked "How bout that massage?".. uh what?.. m.a.s.s.a.g.e "tomorrow.." I politely go to bed.. anticipating tomorrow.. and that was several days ago.. I asked.. again.. "tomorrow".. I'm getting mad... I waited.. I made a sign.. little cute thing.. little hint..
Your Hands + My Bod = :) He still didn't.. Why do I have to be so wrapped up on this massage thing he asks..I told him to just forget it and to give me $50.. I'd make someone else rich.. and not have to bother him about it AGAIN!!!!!!! I'm steaming mad.. Why the hell would you take a massage class.. tell your wife that she's getting a massage.. and then say "shouldn't I give you a massage when I WANT TO DO IT????? Am I way off base here?? He thinks I'm off my tree being upset... I'm so very I was so looking forward to it.. knowing that when He got home I was going to have a massaging husband sorta calmed me down a bit.. (from him leaving).. but now.. NOW I"M JUST MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Padawan

OMG !!!!!!!! Look at what I came home to.. Chris thought he would give Christo a Padawan Braid.. (like little Anakin from Star Wars).. so now my son is completely bald with a square patch of hair on the back of his damned head!!!!!!! The whole reason for the hair cut was because he got a wad of gum stuck on the Chris was gonna shave it all off.. so now.. he has this square... Chris wants to let it grow.. so he can braid it... OMG again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!! He also wants to change his name for petes sake to Christopher Anakin.. and as I type this.. he has dressed him complete in an Anakin outfit.. and they are in our front yard fighting with light sabers!!!!!!!
He wanted to name the twins Luke & Leah.. but I forbid it.. I guess this is my payback for not cooperating :) (YEAH, like it'd be any different!)
I told Christo that I was going to shave it off.. he whined NO WAY!!! but I'm contemplating wadding up a piece of gum :) .. I cannot imagine what they will think at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Computer Withdrawal !!!!

Hello..Today is Tuesday and it's been almost a week since my last post. The computer broke :( and Chris just finished fixing it.. and let me have a turn..ha he's sleeping!! Anyhow, we've been keeping pretty busy.. bought some fishing poles and took the kids fishing... awesome!! They loved it ONLY after the fish started biting.. before that it was "This is boring"... but it turned out great because the bluegill were co-operating. Christo hooked Madison.. (only 1 time!!).. I yelled at him before he "RIPPED" it.. so just the little tip was in.. Thank goodness!!!
Need to get to work.. just wanted to post as its been almost a week.. will finish later on..