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Friday, May 05, 2006

What day is it anyhow????

OH.. Listen... PEACE & QUIET !!! :) Morgan & Madison just got off to school and the twins are still sleeping... a slice of Heaven. We've gotta get ready to go, but first I'll post here, drink a cup of coffee & enjoy this quietness...
Yesterday (Thur).. was interesting.. I don't know where my mind was.. I started talking to the neighbor, Lauren... the kids were playing & we completely missed Madison's soccer practice.. AAHHH.. She's very interesting.. her & hubby are raising a little girl they adopted from China.. Evy. They also have another adopted daughter that has 2 children now, so Evy is an Aunt and only a year older than her niece.. funny. She was talking about her trip over to get her.. how many little girls are in orphanages there.. how they don't know her real birthday because she was abandoned.. So So Sad!!! I was so engrossed in the conversation that the time kept ticking away & we missed Maddy's practice...
The kittens are getting bigger now, they have started walking around the room and playing.. they are sooooo cute! Of course, Madison takes them to the bus stop in the morning.. she likes showing off the new kitty's... besides.. mabey one of the other kids will talk their parents into providing a new home for it :)
Morgan's formal dance is tonight.. she is so excited.. Thursday she was all prepared and thought it was Friday.. she was a day ahead of herself.. I'll post a pic after I take some.. She is going with a big group of girls.. they are all coming here for pics so that will be a time for me to cry!!!!! OOHHH, she's growing up! Damn it!!
Well, thats all for now.. must get the sleepy heads up to get ready to go..


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