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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Me.. the "Soccer Mom".. YOU BET :)

Today I took off from work!!!!!!!!!! That in itself is awesome, but had a great day all around. This morning Madison had a soccer game.. her team won 7-2 WOOHOO!!! HA Anyhow, she has been pretty hesitant about getting in there and kicking the ball (not wanting to get hurt.. can you blame the kid!).. I told her that the other kids are probably thinking the same thing and to just keep charging.. they'll either back off or you'll fall down.. no big deal, right.. Easy for me to say :) Anyhow, she just kept talking herself out of it.. "I am not any good.. I'll never get it...etc".. I told her everytime she kicks that ball.. no matter if she scores or not, that she keeps it from the other team.. and helps her team win and she will be having fun with her friends.. She told me that made her happy.. So she went out there today with a good attitude.. kicked the ball ALOT!!! So good for you Miss Madison!!!! Great Job!!!!
Christopher was invited to a birthday party for John Paul, a boy in his preschool class. I asked him what we should get him for his present.. Christopher says, "well, I want a power-ranger and I'll sell him my voltron"...HAAAA So, had to clue him in on how "giving" works :) The party was a Stow/Kent lanes.. and he had a blast. All his little buddies from school were there.. When I walked in he was dancing and throwing the bowling ball (like he was playing baseball!!).. fun fun!
While he was at the party I took the girls to get ice-cream.. and took them to the park.. Madison went across the monkey bars by herself and was a happy camper! Sydney enjoyed herself as well, and monopolized the sliding board..
Morgan had a great time at her dance last night.. afterwards, she went camping with Brittany (her birthday).. they had 5 girls go out.. Tonight Niquell is spending the night.
I got to talk to Chris last night and it was great to hear from him..only 25 more days...Today was a great day.. no work.. all play :) .. how fun!!!! I wish I could do it more often !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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