All I Got Was This @#&&^$!# T-Shirt????

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Silly Saturday

Well, today started early. Madison had a soccer game... she had fun and after the game, she went with Ryan to the zoo!!! Christopher went to Grandma's while I went to work and he went to the library with Jalen & Jaren.. I talked to Sydney when I got home and she said she is coming home tomorrow.. I got to take a bike ride by myself, which was rather interesting.. as it has never happened before..woowwoooo... Christopher keeps saying "Sydney broke my heart".. because she left. She thinks its funny.. (that's because she's the one getting to ride the horses :) So, he's been lost without her. Morgan went to a bombfire last night and had Niquelle spend the night.. so those 2 have been goofing off all day. They walked to the gas station and took a couple of our kittens.. a lady said she wanted them so Morgan got her #.. she also told the lady she found them on the road.. dork!! I was invited to go out tonight with a couple girls from work.. waiting for them to call.. they better not ditch me :( It's Tammy's birthday.. big 33 just like me..
I have not heard from Chris for a couple days.. wonder how his meeting went with the tailor.. ?? He has not posted on his sight for a while, so not sure what he's been up too...hopefully I'll talk to him tomorrow..
Well, thats all for today..


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